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Wireless Stethoscope

FreedomScope–The world’s first practical wireless medical stethoscope will become the standard of care for "First Responder Teams." Emergency personnel who respond to attacks on our homeland may deal with biological, chemical or nuclear contamination and will be wearing ‘Hazard Space Suits’. These Emergency Response personnel will need FreedomScope to evaluate and triage the injured, without exposing themselves to the offending agents. To learn more about Freedomscope, see the slides below.

Wireless Stethoscope
Wireless Stethoscope
Wireless Stethoscope

FreedomScope Powerpoint Slides

freedomscope bluetooth wireless stethoscope
dr mark moore inventor bluetooth wireless stethoscope
history of the manual stethoscope
image of first manual stethoscope
rene laennec invention of manual stethoscope
demonstration of manual stethoscope
terrorist attacks chemical biological or nuclear
full body protective suits in first response team
first responders unable to use manual stethoscope
limitations of manual stethoscope
introduction of the freedomscope wireless stethoscope
bluetooth wireless stethoscope details
freedomscope stethoscope compartive size
wireless stethoscope functionality
freedomscope practicality
wireless stethoscope remote auscultation usage in terrorist attacks
u s government funding for antiterrorism expanding
conclusions bluetooth wireless stethoscope
conclusions bluetooth wireless stethoscope

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Freedomscope Wireless Stethoscope has been in development for over seven years.

To learn more about how Freedomscope can help your response team, click here.

Freedomscope - Boeing
Freedomscope - Satop