Dr Mark Moore MD
Tallahassee's Anesthesiologist


About Dr Moore

1. Motor vehicle: '89 Ford Bronco

2. Wallet: Black Billfold

3. Soap: Ivory Soap Bar

4. Shampoo: Ivory Soap Bar

5. Haircut: Cuts own hair

6. Primary drink: Tap water in a glass or recycled bottle. 

7. Secondary Drink: Coffee from home, recycled paper cup.

8. Alcohol beverage: Draft--anything not in a bottle or can

9. A favorite warm weather activity: Hiking

10. A favorite cold weather activity: Snowboarding

11. A favorite indoor activity: Racquetball

12. Watch: Wears no watch

13. Razor: Razor: Generic twin blade and Razor Gator

14. Currently playing on guitar: Brad Paisley, Bruce, Jamey Johnson, Kenny Chesney

Reduce Reuse Recycle - Use Razor Gator!


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